We all hate realism.

Realism is like a punch in the face. It hurts, a lot, actually. When we keep faith in certain things that can change, actually -realism-, does not.

When Einstein was told about the discoveries of the quantum physics, he denied it absolutely. But, not because he didn’t understand it (can actually someone truly understand that?), because he didn’t want to accept it. And it was a fact that quantum it couldn’t be rejected, or nowadays there is no more scientific theory more nearness to reality than quantum physic. Einstein believed in some kind of harmonious world, ruled by laws that man can discover, with a non-stop discovering-progress. But he should have listened what quantum was telling him: “Reality is what you make, it is not independent, because, it depends in your own point of view”. All right, a headed up a little go away too far with this. What it is important here is Einstein’s reaction. Surprised, angry, confused (we are talking about one of the most brilliant mind in XX century), dazzled…a man who didn’t want to accept the quantum theory.

Oh, realism is depressing. Is like the bully we all run away, but, sooner or later, he’ll catch you. And, again, realism is like a punch in the face, and it really hurts.

Nietzsche one time said that mankind has to leave all their beliefs, their knowlegde, their habits and traditions. Therefore, will come the new man, a man with his own structure, and only then, a new knowledge, one self-reliant from behind the times knowledge. It’s sad but true.

Can mankind, sometimes, be so cruel that is hard to believe they actually are been that cruel? There is the difficulty about accepting reality, when it is like that. Power makes human lose their kindness. Money corrupt them. And they’ll make whatever they have on their hand to increase it. There are no limits for the power. Actually, power is not a material thing, is abstract; but it exists.

Everyone is born with innate power. Only when people grow up decide if stay with their power, give to someone else or increase it. There are no limits in looking for power.

There are humans who are good people, or at least they become into it with time. But others who become into evil, leaving human condition aside. That’s reality. And you, will accept it? We can change the world.



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