War is always coming.

Within human nature survival is all we have. From inside our own rationality. Every step we make is thinking, strategically, slowly, with only one unique goal: live. Why human nature need this feeling alive? Once we have the start-point, life, we tend to upkeep it. So, why we live? Well, that’s a hard one, and philosophical, very deep. To talk about it I have to touch some topics like dark philosophy, physics, biology, anthropology…I won’t do it, I’ll stick to the main question, or main reason, war is always coming. 


Part of being human, and like I said, is to survive. It matters when it comes to surviving in groups and not alone. Like Hobbes said: “It’s always better and easier to survive in groups than alone“. What this have to do with anything? Well, surviving often means destroying the threat, and this threat could be other civilization, or just a city, a State, a group, a family, whatever. Not all agrees with this endless nature of killing, but it seems that no rationality stops the way human or, animals, acts in favour of living. Human is not likely to be inborn-good. There is no proper will, ‘cause, there is always a need of living; the so called will to live. 


This also endure in society, dwelling inside, waiting to be called. If everybody has the necessity, then this people, who choose States’ administrations; then, why the State, a colosal entity whose functions are to serve people (doesn’t matter if is in their own interests), would function any different than human nature? Summirizing, every State is made by human.

War it’s a word to talk about fights at other level: more casualties, more money, more repairs, more damage, more movement, higher numbers, lower participation of authorities, and when time comes, there is always a winner, but instead, there is also plenty of loosers. Therefore, only sadness will occupy the place where death came, and war calls death often.

Game over

Game over

Is not, then, a matter of fightin against, it’s a matter of holding it back. We can’t annihilate what we are innately. Nativeness is a theme to study. Are we destined to destroy our specie? I don’t think it’s completaly mistaken. Nevertheless, is more likely to create a new way to mantein our instincts, like, holding the line. Faith is the last thing we loose.



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